About Us


Taali specializes in devising customized strategy, clever creatives and innovative packaging for the spirits and beverage industry. Our authentic research and a thorough understanding of market functioning sets us apart as an agency of choice when it comes to decoding the liquor industry in India. The massive bracket of products available across categories in the country coupled with the narrow scope of advertising makes brand differentiation indispensable for viable expansion. Our in-depth experience working out strategic solutions for premium alcohol brands gives us an edge over the rest. Founded in 2010, Taali is proud to be the agency of choice for some of the biggest names in the global drinks business.


This extensive experience has made us a very insight driven and result oriented agency well suited to handle brands across categories.
The name “Taali” means “to clap” in Hindi. In essence, it is the sound of connect. As a form of communication, it is a simple indicator of the average opinion of an entire group; the louder and longer the noise, the stronger the sign of approval. Taali is the sound of connect between the right communication and aspiration of the target consumer.